Handshake Australia

The home of Australians using the decentralized web, built on Handshake.
Handshake is an alternative to a centralised DNS root authority that ensures a fair and transparent root zone.
No one owns or controls Handshake.


Handshake is a naming protocol that’s backwards compatible with the existing DNS system. It does not replace the DNS protocol, but instead decentralizes the root zone file where TLD ownership information is stored by adding a distributed and decentralized blockchain-based system that no one controls and anyone can use. This allows for a root zone that is uncensorable, permissionless, and free of gatekeepers like ICANN.
In addition, it is much cheaper than other blockchain domain systems as there isn't any company looking for profits.

Stop renting yourname.com.au/
Own yourname/

Handshake allows you to own your own top level domain (kinda like .au). So you can stop renting yourname.com.au and really own yourname/